Facts and questions for Customers, to know our products and services are well explained below as questions and answers. Facts and questions for Customers are good resources for any customer to take suitable decisions before buying our products.

What is the raw material used in our products?

Canthari, the brand has a vision of using only genuine leather material for the upper and Lining of its Footwear products. The sole will be in P.U ( Poly Urethane), TPR (Thermoplastic rubber) and in some designs we use vegetable -tanned leather soles. For Bags and accessories, we use cow softy, sheep, goat and some cases textile as selective desings demands

Are the ornaments, stones, and other metal fittings have any guarantee for colors?

As time goes and the products are used, it’s natural that the colors get fad, and no guarantee is given on those items. Otherwise, we give a replacement guarantee for all our footwear products for any manufacturing defects for six months. (Terms and conditions apply)

Is leather and imitation leather same?

No, genuine leather is animal skin tanned and processed for the required use. It’s breathable, moisture absorbent, flexible, and has better tear strength and is the most sought-after and costly material for the footwear and accessories. But imitation leather is basically synthetic sheets, made to give the look and feel of genuine leather for meeting the cost factor. It has no natural properties as for the leather, and have a very short span of usable life. Faux leather is also synthetic

Is the size of one brand is the same for other brands?

No, Many shoe manufacturers are using several size systems with specific factory characteristics. Sizes vary according to the styling and designing of the footwear. Footwear with the narrow front will have higher sizing for the length and footwear with wider front look will have a normal sizing for the length. In India, we follow UK size and EURO( French Point) sizing systems, which is different from American and Japanese size systems. The increments in length from one size to another in the Euro is 6.66mm and the increment in length from one size to another in UK is 8.46mm.

With different size system exist, how can I know my size and is it safe to buy online without trying them out?

Yes, it is very safe to buy footwear online without trying them out if you find out your size properly. All the reputed manufacturers worldwide follow either one or two of the above-mentioned size systems. We at Canthari follow EURO and UK size system. To know your size it’s very simple, trace all-around your left foot standing straight and firm on a plain paper, keeping the pencil straight; measure the length from toe to back part. Compare this length with the size chart given. Click “Know your size” on the product page.

Can I return the footwear if it doesn’t fit?

Yes, follow the instructions below:

1. Immediately after the first fit trial, keep the fresh packing as it is, sends us a mail at meetus@canthari.com, stating the reason for exchange. Give your order number, date of purchase, and mode of payment. Mention whether you need a size replacement or a refund. You can also contact us by phone.

2. After getting a reply either by phone or mail from us, pack the product and keep ready, we will arrange our logistic partner to pick up the package. 

3. As soon as we receive your return, we will dispatch the replacement and intimate you through the mail.

4. The actual courier charges if charged any will be credited immediately to your account.

5. In case you opt for a refund, it would be credited to your account within the stipulated time.

This return policy is applicable for Indian customers only.

6. Can I order footwear with customized designs and colors?

Yes, Either you can fill the drop-down menu form from the customized size tab on the top of the home page or you can contact us at meetus@canthari.com, giving full details and requirements with drawings if any. Pricing would be more than the regular products shown in our store, which will arrive on a mutual consent basis.

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