About us


Canthari for designer Shoes and Bags. Feel the comfort and luxury of Genuine leather. An Indian exclusive brand for Shoes and Bags. Canthari the brand committed to source leather from different parts of the world. Customization of products is a specialty with different possibilities. Canthari the Brand, and its commitment to our buyers is the sole motive behind this endeavor.

The promoter:

Canthari the Brand and its commitment is a designer online store for genuine leather footwear and accessories. Promoted by Mrs. Thinkal K and Sudarsanan K, in 2009. They are in this industry for the past 35 years. Handling production, research and development, and marketing. Because of that they always have a passion for innovation and refinement.

The brand Canthari

A red chilly, named Canthari, being the inspiration behind this brand. Which is available mostly in the south of India. But it is one of the hottest chilly in the world. Fully loaded!

The brand offers the most comfortable, designer footwear and accessories in India. Fully loaded with genuine material and comfort.

The company

Canthari, the first Indian branded online store for designer footwear and accessories has its own manufacturing plant in Chennai. Have a highly skilled team of staff and laborers. Also, it is our policy not to use child labor directly or indirectly for the production of our products. From material selection to final packing, we ensure stringent quality standards. Canthari, the first Indian branded online store for designer footwear and accessories has an excellent team of designers headed by the promoter himself.

Objectives and Goals

Flooded with synthetic and imitation leather products in India; Most of those products have a short span of life, a very poor comfort level. As a result, It leads to joint pains and other health hazards. And the customers also forced to pay higher prices. We tried our best to keep our pricing very much affordable and comfortable for your budget.

On this background and with their rich experience in the export market, the promoters decided to serve the Indian customers genuine leather footwear and accessories of international standards at an affordable price.

It is a delight for the customers to order custom made design and colors Also, use of genuine leather footwear enhances the look and style; improves the health of the foot. Leather footwear is good for diabetic pro customers.

Service and Support:

Canthari, the online store for designer footwear and accessories offers passionate footwear enthusiasts a truly unique online experience and the ability to buy our products online. The Canthari has evolved into a distinctive, retail concept. Which empowers you to personalize the shopping experience by offering a breathtaking range of products. And that is instantly accessible, easy to shop and fulfill the customer’s requirement. Alos our customer support team is always at your service over phone or email

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